About Us

Northwoods Senior Living ~ Where a Gray Head is a Crown of Glory! (Proverbs 16:31)


A Community Residential Care Facility in Sumter, SC. Locally owned and operated, providing a caring Christian environment for those needing assistance as they mature.

Attend our dining hours and/or snack on the side!


Northwoods provides dining hours for our nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinners; in addition to three "snack" times during the day. If you find yourself in a midnight snack mood, feel free to peruse our vending machines at your convenience! 

Restuarant-Style Dining with friends and family!


Our menus are carefully designed and reviewed weekly and monthly by our staff, as well as certified dietitians to ensure optimum nutritional values are built into our delicious meals. Our chefs are ServSafe Certified and cannot wait to serve you our savory home-cooked meals! 


Fully Furnished Rooms

Northwoods offers private, semi-private and suite-styled facility apartments for our residents. Our rooms come fully furnished, but our residents have the option to bring their own furnishing, if they so wish or desire!  


Faith Based Environment

Northwoods Senior Living is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, faith based community residential care facility. We are managed and operated based upon the principles of living as taught by Jesus Christ. Northwoods hosts services and studies from all denominations of faith and have several Churches who provide transportation to their services.


Mission Statement

Northwoods is dedicated to the quality and longevity of life for those seniors living with chronic or debilitating illnesses by providing services, compatible work opportunities, and a better housing environment. We strive to ensure that each resident has the opportunity to achieve their own potential for a meaningful, productive life.