About Us

Northwoods Senior Living

A Community Residential Care Facility in Sumter, SC. Locally owned and operated, providing a caring Christian environment for those needing assistance as they mature.

Providing Many Favors

We provide help for all our residents from food, activities, medical care, great events, and much more! Everyone has great times here. It's our job to make sure everyone has a rememberable moment.

Our Food

We have great food for our residents needs. Our food is cooked and made with amazing taste! We take great care of our dining room, making it nice and enjoyable for everyone to have a wonderful meal!

Resident's Rooms,

We take great care of our resident's rooms. With their freedom to decorate it however they want! We want them to feel comfy in there very own home. Our staff won't quit until they make sure that they're are happy and satisfied.

Christian Environment,

Northwoods Senior Living is a great Christian community. We are a wonderful community that comes together in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ our Savior. We worship and praise Him.

The Facility,

At Northwoods, we keep our Facility very clean and neat! We work hard on our maintenance to make sure there are no problems for our Residents. If there is any problems we jump on it immediately. To make it a safe and healthy environment for everyone.